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DESTRealm.Org - About Us

DESTRealm.Org started life as a gaming clan and screenshot repository. The original idea was short lived, but the concept of turning it into a project site continued on.

Devised largely by Benjamin, much of the last decade has seen DESTRealm.Org grow in scope to become a repository for open source libraries, hobby projects, and proof of concept code that doesn't fit anwhere else. We're growing it into something bigger this coming decade, and for 2020 we've opened up a new repository that will be home to these projects--past, present, and future.

DESTRealm.Org will continue to remain a community project and FOSS repository into the future, and will be receiving some assistance from an as-yet-unnamed parent organization that Cody, Hunter, and Benjamin plan on announcing sometime around Q3 or Q4 of 2020.

Our Projects, Our Passion

As open source enthusiasts, projects are our passion. We plan to continue sharing this passion as the focus of DESTRealm.Org shifts toward more FOSS libraries and core components that serve as the backbone of our larger projects. Historically, these projects were based on numerous platforms from Java to .NET to Python to PHP, but our focus has shifted largely toward Go and JavaScript. We still plan on maintaining documentation projects in the near future, but for now we're committed to building out a much larger infrastructure.

Of course, commercial software has its place, and while we can't release everything we've done, we're more than happy to share our expertise. Once we announce our core commercial project, we'll be full steam ahead with a variety of offerings we know you'll appreciate. But don't worry, the free and open source software we maintain is here to stay.

Our Mission

We're striving to bring you the best open source solutions to specific problems in every market. With over 17 years experience in real world web applications, including supplying customized solutions for large vBulletin and WordPress installations, we believe we can apply this expertise to new domains, new platforms, and new languages.

We're already rolling out our tooling and frameworks this year, and have a number of new projects in the pipeline that will be released by Winter 2020. We want to help system administrators and content creators like you to build out your dreams as easily as possible while we worry about the heavy lifting.