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DESTRealm.Org - About Us

DESTRealm.Org started life as a gaming clan and screenshot repository. The original idea was short lived, but the concept of turning it into a project site continued on.

Over the last three years, DESTRealm.Org has been a collection site for for hobby projects and proof of concept code. We're going to change that and turn it into something bigger, and I think you'll be excited to see some of the stuff we plan to release in the coming year as we transition to a new site, a new foundation, and a new ideology.

Our Projects, Our Passion

As open source enthusiasts, projects are our passion. We plan on sharing this passion, and you'll soon be able to reap the benefits of our hard work as we open our repositories to the public. Our projects are built on numerous platforms from Java to .NET to PHP, and some of our projects don't even involve any code at all. Documentation projects are just as important as programming, and we plan on releasing some of our knowledge to you--the community--to help build upon.

Commercial software has its place, and while we can't release everything we've done, we're more than happy to share our expertise.

Our Mission

We're striving to bring you the best open source solutions to specific problems in niche markets. With 10 years experience in real world web applications powered by PHP and MySQL and over 3 years experience with supplying customized solutions for large vBulletin and WordPress installations, we believe we can meet or exceed this goal.

We have a number of internal tools we intend to roll out within the next year so we can help system administrators like you migrate data to proven platforms quickly, easily, and openly. Where closed source companies have failed to provide the tools you need, we'll make up for it. After all, we're not a company--we're enthusiasts.